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Tiger, Tiger, in the Night…Now Visible in Real Time

Today, on International Tiger Day, we are excited to announce a major breakthrough in conservation technology: for the first time ever, wild tigers and their prey have been detected by AI-powered, cryptic cameras that transmit the images to the cell phones and computers of park managers. Read more

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Small wild cats – project safeguards disclosure meeting

A one-day project safeguards disclosure meeting was held on 30 June 2022 at Dudhwa Tiger Reserve with the local community for the GOI-GEF-UNDP-WWF Small wild cats project.

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Knowledge dissemination workshop of GoI-GEF-UNDP India supported IHRML Project in Kerala

A two-day Knowledge dissemination workshop of GOI-GEF-UNDP supported IHRML project, Kerala was convened from 29 to 30 June 2022 at Kerala Arts & Crafts Village, Kovalam, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.

GTF is working towards developing an integrative landscape strategy for the sustenance of field actions that have benefited local communities and natural ecosystems.

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In-situ capacity building of frontline at Amangarh Tiger Reserve

Under the ongoing GTF-NTCA project, a two days workshop was organized at Amangarh Tiger Reserve, Uttar Pradesh from 13 to 14 June 2022 with a focus on day today monitoring of the biodiversity and refinement of basic on-field skills of the frontline staff.

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In-situ capacity building of frontline at Srivilliputhur Megamalai Tiger Reserve

Under the ongoing GTF-NTCA project, “In-situ capacity building of frontline staff in Tiger Reserves” a workshop was organized in Srivilliputhur Megamalai Tiger Reserve, Tamil Nadu in April 2022 (18-19 April in Srivilliputhur Division and 20-21 April in Megamalai division) with highly interactive modules that gave an opportunity to the participants to refine their basic on-field skills, while building a pool of spearhead trainees for meeting day to day challenges in the tiger reserve.

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GTF and TRCs consultations for Global Tiger Recovery Programme (GTRP) implementation

In the span of the last seven months, Global Tiger Forum continues to engage with the 13 Tiger Range Countries for Tiger Conservation.

As many as 22 independent consultations were initiated by the Global Tiger Forum, mediated by the Department of Wildlife and National Parks (DWNP), Malaysia. The TRCs continued to lend their inputs for the successful implementation of the Global Tiger Recovery Programme (GTRP) and these helped to fine-tune the Kuala Lumpur Joint Statement and Southeast Asia Tiger Recovery Action Plan (STRAP).

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Bilateral Engagement between Cambodia and India on Tiger Reintroduction

An Indian Delegation comprising of senior forest officials, tiger conservation experts, and a scientist from MoEF&CC-Govt. of India, National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA), Global Tiger Forum (GTF), and Wildlife Institute of India (WII) visited Cambodia (from 5 to 8 March 2022) as part of a bilateral exchange visit between India and Cambodia on the technical aspect of tiger reintroduction.

The delegation met with H.E. Say Samal, Hon’ble Minister for Environment, Cambodia, his team, and members of Embassy of India at Phnom Penh. The delegation visited Cardamom hill landscape (potential tiger reintroduction site) to discuss the following aspects with the senior forest officials:

  • Protected Area Management
  • Habitat interventions and prey recovery
  • Legal provisions for reintroduction
  • Protection and surveillance interventions
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SMTR Technical Visit

A four-membered team comprising of representatives from Global Tiger Forum, Wildlife Institute of India, and WWF-India visited Srivilliputhur Megamalai Tiger Reserve (SMTR), Tamil Nadu between 02 to 05 February 2022.

The said team interacted with senior officials of the tiger reserve and field formations and undertook field surveys in both divisions of the SMTR namely – Srivilliputhur and Megamalai. These interactions and discussions emanated from thematic areas of tiger conservation viz. wildlife monitoring, habitat status, protection & enforcement infrastructure, and community engagement programmes

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4th Asia Ministerial Conference on Tiger Conservation

The 4th Asia Ministerial Conference on Tiger Conservation was hosted by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resource (KeTSA) and Department of Wildlife and National Parks (DWNP), Malaysia in association with the Global Tiger Forum (GTF) from 19 to 21 January 2022.

During the first day, TRCs presented National updates with respect to the GTRP Global Tiger Recovery Programme (GTRP). Several urgent and emerging issues related to the tiger agenda were discussed on day two, viz. Human Wildlife Conflict, Community-based Conservation Initiatives, Habitat Management, Wildlife Monitoring, Capacity Building of Frontline Staff, Effective Management of Protected Areas, Regional Funding Models/Sustainable Financing, Financial Resource Mobilization, Landscape Level Approach in Tiger Conservation, and various facets of Tiger Governance.

On the final day, the Prime Minister of Malaysia addressed the conference. Country statements were presented by ministers/country representatives of the 13 TRCs. In this ministerial gathering, the 14-point “Kuala Lumpur Declaration” was adopted along with the endorsement of the “Financial Resource Mobilization- An Appraisal of Gaps” study, and the Southeast Asian countries reiterated the commitment for the Southeast Asia Tiger Action Plan (STRAP).

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4th Asia Ministerial Conference

The 4th Asia Ministerial Conference on the conservation of Tigers will be hosted virtually by Malaysia in association with the Global Tiger Forum (19-21 Jan 2022). The conference aims to bring together the Ministers and Senior Officials from Tiger Range Countries (TRCs), along with partner organizations, field professionals, International experts, and Scientists to strengthen cooperation on tiger conservation.

The conference is serving as a platform to deliberate and endorse the Kuala Lumpur Joint Statement on Tiger Conservation, South East Asia Tiger Recovery Action Plan (STRAP), and Financing Plan for Tiger Conservation

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