GTF Updates

Bhutan-India-Nepal transboundary meeting on small wild cats

Under the ongoing GOI-GEF project titled “Strengthening conservation and resilience of globally significant wild cat landscapes through a focus on small cat and leopard conservation”,  a two day transboundary meeting was conducted by Global Tiger Forum and MoEFCC in association with UNDP-India in New Delhi, India on 11-12 January 2024. The Said meeting was attended by the Government officials from Forest and Park Services, Nature Conservation Division, and Forest Monitoring and Information Division, Bhutan; DNPWC, NTNC, and Chitwan National Park, Nepal; MoEFCC, NTCA, WCCB, WII, Uttar Pradesh Forest Department, and Meghalaya Forest Department, India. Representatives of IUCN-India, UNDP-India, GTF, WWF-India, CCMB, WTI, SACON, and GGS Indraprastha University also attended the meeting.

The meeting was focused on the Status of stressors in the three countries, Stakeholder engagement, Community involvement, Action Plan development, and Funding & Resource mobilization among others relating to small wild cats (mesopredators) conservation.