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Saving Tiger Habitat

Increasing the number of secure habitats for Tigers

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Global Campaigns

Promoting global campaigns to save the Tiger, its prey and its habitat

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Legal Frameworks

Promoting comprehensive legal frameworks for Tiger conservation

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Providing financial and infrastructural capabilities for Tiger Conservation

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Training & Research

Promoting training and research

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Eliciting Support

Eliciting support from Governments, Inter- governmental organizations and individuals

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Addressing Tiger Conservation in High Altitude Tiger Landscape: Sikkim

The high-altitude landscapes have been serving as critical habitat for many wildlife species, however very little is known about tigers in these landscapes especially in Sikkim. The tiger has b...

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Bhutan-India-Nepal transboundary meeting on small wild cats

Under the ongoing GOI-GEF project titled “Strengthening conservation and resilience of globally significant wild cat landscapes through a focus on small cat and leopard conservation”,  a two da...

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Investigating and Addressing Tiger Conservation in Sikkim

The state of Sikkim, characterized by a wide variety of ecosystems, ranging from sub-tropical forests to alpine meadows, is one of the most significant biodiversity hotspots, harbouring a diver...

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1st SPSC meeting of the GEF Small Wild Cats project convened at Itanagar on 25 August 2023.

The 1st State Project Steering Committee meeting for implementation of the GEF-funded GoI-UNDP-WWF-US-GTF project titled “Strengthening conservation and resilience of globally significant wild ...

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