GTF Updates

Consultation on Myanmar Tiger Action Plan

Global Tiger Forum (GTF) team visited Myanmar (from 3rd November to 9th November 2017) to participate in Consultation on “Myanmar Tiger Action Plan and Priority Sites”

The GTF mission team visited Htamanthi Wildlife Sanctuary and participated in consultation meeting that was held on 8 November 2017 in Yangon, Myanmar. The said meeting was attended by senior official from the Nature and Wildlife Conservation Division (NWCD), Forest Department – Myanmar, USAID, GTF mission members, representatives from WCS, WWF Myanmar, Fauna and Flora International (FFI).

GTF Mission Team

S. No. Name Position/Organization
1. Dr. Rajesh Gopal Secretary General, GTF
2. Mr. Mohnish Kapoor Senior Programme Manager, GTF
3. Mr. Roshan Puranik Research Associate, GTF
4. Mr. Rajendra G Garawad Assistant Inspector General NTCA, WII
5. Dr. Y.V. Jhala Scientist, NTCA, WII




After discussing priority landscape with the participating agencies, GTF mission team suggested Inputs for the Myanmar Tiger Action Plan.

A basic framework for the Myanmar Tiger Action Plan was suggested with the centrality of Tiger Agenda, since wild tiger conservation requires the active support of several stakeholders and government departments, the contours of a multi-stakeholder/sectoral Tiger Action Plan was suggested, vis-à-vis the three basic engagement levels, viz. local (field formations), national and international.